Our Hitchin, Our Streets

These are my first contributions to Our Hitchin Our Streets (OHOS) – a community photography project organised by Hitchin Camera Club.  The aim is that the people of Hitchin will together photograph all the streets of the town. OHOS runs from 1st April until 30th September 2016.

OHOS aims to show the diversity of the town from its historic streets and back alleys to the residential estates and industrial areas. There are no right or wrong images and we hope there will be a wide range of photographs mixing urban landscapes, local details and people in the streets. The street road sign does not have to be included in the photograph.

Images uploaded to the website will form an on line archive, and we hope to organise an exhibition of selected images towards the end of 2016.

Nightingale RoadNightingale Road

Old Cottages, Bancroft

Tilehouse Street
Tilehouse Street

Wedgewood Road
St. Michaels Road (What is the point of that roundabout?)


Hermitage Road
Hermitage Road

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