Bodmin Moor – Around Minions

On holiday in Cornwall, we spent a day on Bodmin Moor.

Our walk started in the village of Minions!Minions1

First stop: a stone circle close to the village called “The Hurlers”.  Local legend claims these were men who were turned to stone for “hurling” on a Sunday.Minions6Note the tin mine in the background – we’ll return to that on the way back.

The walk continues, with our destination – the granite tor known as “The Cheesewring”, clearly visible in the distance.Minions2

The Cheesewring
The name came about because the piled stones resemble a “cheesewring”, which was a press-like device once used to make cheese.  It is a natural formation, caused by wind-erosion, although local legend claims that it was the result of a stone-throwing contest between two giants!

The view from the top:Minions4

The road back down to Minions passes the old tin mine seen in the background from The Hurlers:Minions7

And then back into Minions for a Cornish Cream Tea at the “Hurlers Halt”:Minions8

All photographs taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ70 – except the “Hurlers Halt” which was taken on an earlier trip in 2005!

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