The Black Country Museum

The “Black Country” is the name given to a region of the West Midlands in England.  During the Industrial Revolution the area became heavily industrialised, with coal mining, iron foundries, brickworks and steel mills.  The name is believed to have come from from the soot from the heavy industries that covered the area.

The Black Country Museum was opened in 1978 and is an open-air museum of shops, houses and industrial buildings that have been relocated and rebuilt to form a village covering over 100,000 square metres, demonstrating the history of the area, with a focus on 1850 to 1950.

The following photographs were taken on our visit there in April 2018.  All were taken with a Canon EOS 60D and processed in Lightroom, with the black and white conversion done using “Tonality” as a Lightroom plug-in.

IMG_2978-EditThree Wheels

Mine Buildings

The Mine Shaft

IMG_3017-EditPetrol Pumps

IMG_3019-EditThe School

IMG_3049-EditSunken Barges

Floating Barge!

IMG_3057-EditIn the Butcher’s window!

IMG_3089-EditHeavy Metal

IMG_3094-EditCoal Shovel

IMG_3113-Edit-2The Stores

Black Landscape

Anchor Forge

IMG_3128-EditSacks of Straw

A Barrel of…

IMG_3145-EditThe Hardware Store

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