Specs and Drugs and Sausage Rolls…

… are all things that you can buy in the market town of Hitchin, where Hitchin Camera Club’s second “photo walk” of the summer took place this week.   Ten of us took part this time, doubling the turnout for the previous walk in Pirton two weeks ago.

After meeting at the car park in front of St. Mary’s church, the first destination was Windmill Hill, where groups of teenagers, sitting in the evening sun, viewed the strange group of camera-bearing people with suspicion!

IMG_4552Hermitage Road from Windmill Hill

IMG_4560From further up the hill

IMG_4555Metal on concrete – perhaps a bit more depth of field was needed?

Stairway to Sunlight

24 Queen Street

Back into town… I think all of us photographed this scene!

Evening sun through the church outer walls

Sunlit Cobweb on the railings

St. Mary’s Church

War Memorial and Church Tower

I had to photograph this Harley Davidson parked outside the “Pitcher& Piano”!

The ghost of Michael Jackson in a shop window?

Another shop window.  I walk past this lovely little statue most days and keep thinking that I must get a photograph – today was the day!





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