Letchworth at Night

It was the final Camera Club “evening outing” of the Summer, prior to the new season starting next week.  We met at the fountain in the Broadway and walked into town.  It was raining when we arrived but that soon stopped as the daylight faded, to remind us that Autumn is rapidly approaching.

The Fountain in the Broadway.  You can see the clock tower of the town hall in the background on the right – and a group of photographers sheltering from the rain on the left!

Marcus & Jeremy brave the elements to photograph the fountain.

Park Bench – probably a bit wet to sit on at the moment!

The Broadway Cinema – “Splash Test” seemed appropriate considering the weather!

Down into the Broadway – it was getting quite dark by then.

Morrisons?  I cheated here – the second ‘O’ was also out so I turned it on in Photoshop.

Outside the Chip Shop

Station Road.

Blue Water Fountains

At this point we found ourselves outside a pub and the siren-call of the beer lured us inside, putting an end to the evenings photography!


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