Whilst on holiday in Cornwall, we decided to visit Charlestown, a small port near St. Austell.  On arrival there seemed to be many more cars there than we remembered from previous visits – the car park was full and we needed to park about half a mile up the road and walk back in to the village.
On reaching the quay there was a very disappointing notice – the harbour & beach were closed to the public for the next three days.  It seemed we’d picked the wrong day to visit!
Then we noticed the crowds, the barriers and a number of vans from companies that provided “services to the movie industry”.  It seemed we’d unwittingly stumbled into the filming of the next season of Poldark!

The harbour at Charlestown.

Almost as soon as we realised what was going on, we got a glimpse of Eleanor Tomlinson.
Eleanor clearly wasn’t involved in the day’s filming but was happy to greet the crowd and pose for a few selfies.

We decided to go up to the other side of the harbour and get the long lenses out!

This is where the action was taking place – a small market scene next to the walkway between the quays.

The crowd gathered on the other side of the harbour.

A mix of actors in costume and crew members.

We seemed to have got there during the lunch break!

A second actor we recognised – Richard Hope who plays Harris Pascoe, the banker.

After lunch, attention turned to the market stalls.



The Director

Aidan Turner made his entrance.

Walking over the bridge

Walking back over the bridge.

“I want you to go over to the other side of the bridge, then walk back over here.”

The best shot of the day!

Sharing a joke – not as sharp as I’d have liked but I had to include this one!



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