Scavenger Hunt

The first of Hitchin Camera Club’s summer meetings was a “Scavenger Hunt” around the streets of Hitchin.   About 20 of us took part and we had two hours to find and photograph 25 items on a list, before retiring to the Cooper’s Arms in Tilehouse Street for a pint (or two!).

The intention was to shoot the images with a view to cropping them into a square format so they could be displayed as a 5 x 5 grid.  I used my Panasonic DMC-TZ70 rather than my DSLR because I could set that to shoot in square format.  This was a big help in framing the shot when I took it and also saved a lot of time cropping later!

I found a bit of creativity was needed to get some of the subjects.  Here are my efforts:

01 Gareth BluePlaque
A Blue plaque

02 Gareth Brick
The word “Brick”

03 Gareth TwoPhotogs
Two photographers

04 Gareth StrangeHand
A stranger’s hand

05 Gareth reflect
Your reflection

06 Gareth YellowFlower
A yellow flower

07 Gareth OldWriting
Old Writing

08 Gareth RepeatPattern
A repeating pattern

09 Gareth GoingGreen
“Going Green”

10 Gareth Symmetry

11 Gareth Pushmepullyounicorn
An animal with 6 or more legs

12 Gareth Bird
A bird in flight

13 Gareth Empty
Something empty

14 Gareth RadialLines
Radial Lines

15 Gareth Q(ueenStreet)
Something beginning with Q

16 Gareth YellowDoor
A yellow front door

17 Gareth Graffiti

18 Gareth Spanish
Something Spanish

19 Gareth Logo
The Hitchin logo

20 Gareth Window
A small window

21 Gareth StreetLight
An interesting street light

22 Gareth ColouredTiles
A coloured tile

23 Gareth Time
The Time

24 Gareth Ironworks

25 Gareth HistoricDate
A historic date

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